Reduces Intersystem Complexities

Complete Driver & Generator Control System

Petrotech's power generation experience includes generator controls for more than twenty five gas turbine types.

These solutions include:


  • Bumpless transfer between isochronous and droop control modes
  • Isochronous loadshare control
  • Accurate load pickup/rejection with tight frequency control
  • Black start sequencing
  • Fuel conversion and dual fuel operation

By utilizing Petrotech’s Open Architecture (OA) solution, the generator control is integrated into a complete driver/generator total skid control system that results in lower cost of ownership by reducing intersystem complexities.

Other Features Available:

  • Operator able to select load control for base, peak, pre-selected and peak reserve settings.
  • Operator able to select VAR control to raise or lower generator voltage, either in auto or manual VAR control modes.
  • Automatic voltage regulation controls for Infinite Grid (droop) or Island (isochronous) modes of operation.
  • Fully integrated (driver and generator) HMI display system, which includes real-time graphs, alarm details, overview summaries and maintenance screens.
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