Hands-on Training, Real-Time Scenarios

Testing & Training


  • Petrotech takes pride in fully testing all of its controls and instrumentation before shipping. Shop testing typically lasts 3 to 5 days, during which time 100% of all process and machinery inputs and outputs are connected to simulators.
  • Owners' representatives are able to manipulate the system to achieve a simulated start, simulated on-line normal and abnormal conditions, as well as simulated normal and fast rundown.
  • Likewise, owners' representatives are able to practice using the graphic operator interface for normal and abnormal operating conditions.

This testing provides an excellent opportunity for hands-on training and playing out real-time scenarios. It also offers an opportunity for customer input and modifications based on operational experience.


  • Petrotech offers training at the technician, operator, engineer and senior technical management levels for basic machinery control technology, compressor control, gas turbine control and energy management.
  • Standard courses are offered at Petrotech's facilities, in a classroom setting with all required equipment and simulators.
  • Custom courses can also be given on-site, designed for your specific control system.

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