Turbomachinery Control System Consultations

Site Surveys and Studies of Existing Machinery


Identifying the Problem

Petrotech offers site surveys and studies of existing machinery to identify specific problems in process layout or turbomachinery performance that require correction or mitigation to achieve satisfactory results.

Petrotech is also able to offer an optional Site Support Agreement for remote troubleshooting services via the Internet or a dial-up connection. Using this connection, Petrotech engineers can see an exact representation of real-time site conditions, thus effectively directing on-site technicians in their trouble-shooting efforts.

Telephone & E-Mail Support

  • No charge, 24x7x365 availability.
  • Customers speak to a real person, not an automated system.
  • Once a Petrotech associate is assigned to the problem they have ownership until the issue is resolved.
  • Telephone and e-mail based support includes assistance in fault finding and control systems operational issues.
  • Experienced Petrotech associates provide assistance with control system operational issues.
  • Support services also include no charge parts sourcing to support Petrotech-installed systems.
  • Petrotech’s service contact number is (281) 220-3071, or CLICK HERE for E-mail Support.

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