• Examples of Process Control

    Process control is fundamental to the efficiency of modern manufacturing and industrial operations. This article explores various examples of process control systems, techniques for monitoring their results, and innovative alternatives to traditional methods. By understanding these elements, industries can enhance precision, efficiency, and adaptability in their processes. Common Examples of Process Control in Industrial Settings […]

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  • Automation in the Oil and Gas Industry

    The oil and gas industry is continuously evolving due to the regular integration of automation technologies. From exploration and production to refining and distribution, automation is crucial in optimizing operations, reducing costs, and enhancing safety. This article explores automation systems in the oil and gas industry, their benefits, and the IEC 61131 standard. Control Automation […]

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  • Steam Turbine Controls

    Good quality steam turbine controls ensure high availability, reliability, and efficiency in compressor and generator drive applications. This article reviews the functions of steam turbine controls, general start-up and shutdown procedures, and control philosophy. Functions of Steam Turbine Controls Steam turbine controls perform various functions to maintain high levels of efficiency, reliability, and availability. Start-up […]

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  • Pump Control System

    A pump control system regulates and delivers fluid efficiently. It achieves this by automating the operation of pumps on the basis of specific requirements. Thereby helping to maintain desired flow rates and pressures, minimizing energy consumption, and protecting pumps from damage. This article reviews the workings of a pump control system, its panel wiring diagram, […]

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  • Centrifugal Compressor Efficiency

    Efficiency is a key parameter when discussing the performance of any industrial equipment including a centrifugal compressor. Although the goal of manufacturers is to keep efficiency values as high as possible, its value varies depending on some factors. In this article, we examine how a typical centrifugal compressor works, its efficiency formula, factors influencing its […]

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  • Turbine Automation

    Turbine automation represents a significant leap forward in the operational efficiency, safety, and reliability of power generation systems. By integrating advanced control systems, turbines can operate with minimal human intervention, adapting in real-time to changing conditions to optimize performance. This article delves into the essence of turbine automation and examines the nuanced controls specific to […]

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