Explore the History of Our Rotating Machinery Control Company

  • 1970's

    Petrotech's turbomachinery control knowledge is traceable to a 1960's era company called Compressor Automation Controls, later known as Baker CAC. In 1978 Petrotech Incorporated was formed by the turbomachinery group that separated from Baker CAC. Originally the group produced pneumatic compressor controllers and wellhead safety systems. The group focused primarily on the upstream and midstream Oil & Gas sectors.

  • 1980's

    Petrotech begins to market its system to the midstream pipeline compressor market. The company becomes the preferred anti-surge control supplier for Solar Turbines and Demag Delaval.

    Petrotech also develops its solid-state, stand-alone compressor controller - the ASC-M series, providing more functionality.

    In the eighties, Petrotech expanded into I&E and System Integration, significantly expanding its capabilities beyond Turbomachinery into Reciprocating Equipment and Balance of Plant (BoP) automation.

  • 1990's

    The company sees significant growth in its market share of pipeline compressor control retrofits. Also, the open architecture Programmable Logic Controllers begin to emerge as a superior alternative to proprietary controllers. Petrotech leads the Turbomachinery industry by adopting an open architecture approach to control system solutions.

    Petrotech expands into an EPC role. Designated as an engineering and construction unit producing whole offshore modules, the EPC business unit is built around compressors and general I&E engineering work.

    In 1995 Petrotech acquires Unitech, a New York-based gas turbine/generator control systems supplier. Unitech brings extensive experience in General Electric and other gas turbines and integrated generators,thus significantly expanding its presence in the power generation market.

    In 1997, Roper Industries acquires Petrotech. With the significant number of customers standardizing on specific open architecture platform to minimize plant spares, troubleshooting and training for all control applications; Petrotech moves to integrate all its proprietary standalone products into open architecture IEC standard that can be deployed in any specified control platform.

  • 2000's

    Petrotech consolidates its various offerings into the core Compressor & Turbine Controls Group, forming the total customizable solution Petrotech of today.

    In 2003 Roper Industries divests the unified Petrotech Company to a management led, private investors group.

    Following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Petrotech expands into full-scale operations in Houston, Texas, to accommodate double-digit growth.

    In addition to its fully integrated systems, Petrotech introduces a series of new products to address existing stand-alone compressor control requirements in the marketplace. The Petrotech stand-alone Em-400 series, for Anti-Surge Compressor control, Parallel compressor capacity control, Air blower capacity control, Steam turbine control, and Refrigeration control, designed updates such as color touch-screen display, high-speed processing, and state-of-the-art connectivity. These stand-alone applications in the EM-400 were still a required product from its predecessor, the M series controllers from 30 years ago, as not all customers had started integrating these controllers in the open architecture PLCs.

    In 2007, Petrotech Designed, engineered, manufactured, installed, and commissioned its first Hydro Electric retrofit control system on a turnkey basis with the start of our Hydro Electric group.

    In 2009, Petrotech wins the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Customer Value Award. This award recognizes the consistent value customers receive from Petrotech's Turbomachinery control capabilities and experience, combined with custom solutions, an unmatched return on investment, and reduced life cycle costs.

  • 2010's

    In 2013 Petrotech acquires Amot Systems, a division of Amot, a Roper Industries subsidiary. Amot Systems, now Petrotech (UK) Limited, brings over 50 years of design experience in control and monitoring systems, specializing in diesel engine controls, hazardous area electrical, mechanical engineering and Boiler BMS control systems.

    The addition of full technical system service support, manufacturing, and sales facilities in the United Kingdom expands Petrotech's footprint, bringing it closer to customers in Europe and the rest of the world. Additionally, the UK facility and engineering staff enhance Petrotech's ability to provide turnkey turbomachinery retrofit control systems to meet unique certification requirements worldwide.

  • 2020's

    In 2022, due to expanding Petrotech projects in the Middle East and North Africa region, Petrotech moved to expand its technical support and project management presence in the region to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

    Petrotech continues to design, engineer, and manufacture injection emission reduction packages with PLC control systems to reduce the formation of thermal NOx.

    With the increasing move in the energy industry, it is necessary to build and convert gas processing plants worldwide to produce cleaner and more environmentally friendly gas, such as LNG-liquified natural gas for the domestic market, and export LNG by ship to many countries around the world. Petrotech is involved with multiple Control system retrofits for Steam Turbines, Compressors, Refrigeration Compressors, and Gas Turbine Generator drives for these new and retrofitted processing plants, including offshore and onshore LNG Modules in the USA and worldwide.

    Petrotech continues to partner with industry leaders to create customizable and retrofit solutions for your turbomachinery control systems.