A control system in a gas processing facility representing an article that was published in Hydrocarbon Engineering that was written by Petrotech, which has an office in New Orleans, LA

Petrotech’s article published in Hydrocarbon Engineering



Petrotech’s article published in Hydrocarbon Engineering’s February 2017 edition.

New Orleans, Louisiana, February 2017 – In his article, Mr. Roy Milum, Director of Product Development for Petrotech, examines the impact of control system upgrades in gas processing facilities for extraction efficiency improvement. Roy’s article begins on page 75 of Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine, which offers unparalleled coverage of the global refining, gas processing and petrochemical industry including regional reports, case studies and detailed technical articles.


Petrotech, Inc. provides a range of products and services for turbomachinery and other rotating and plant control systems. Our products include control systems for gas, hydro and steam turbines, generators, reciprocating/diesel engines, centrifugal and axial compressors, pumps and all ancillary systems. Our turnkey services include engineering design (software and hardware), project management, instrumentation, control panel fabrication, site I&E, commissioning and startup, training and all aftermarket services.

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