A large water dam representing that Petrotech, which is based in Houston, TX, won a contract to upgrade the control systems of 13 hydroelectric facilities

Petrotech is Awarded Contract to Upgrade Control Systems of 13 Hydro-Electric Facilities



Petrotech is Awarded a Turn key Contract to Upgrade the Control Systems of 13 Hydro-Electric Generating Facilities in Michigan.

New Orleans, Louisiana, January 2014 – The new control systems control and monitor 32 hydro-electric generators across 13 sites. The systems include the capability to monitor environmental conditions such as in-flow and out-flow volume of the reservoirs, downstream and upstream water levels via a satellite link to a USGS monitor. Operating parameters are also communicated between facilities so that each facility can be monitored via satellite link.


Petrotech, Inc. provides a range of products and services for turbomachinery and other rotating and plant control systems. Our products include control systems for gas, hydro and steam turbines, generators, reciprocating/diesel engines, centrifugal and axial compressors, pumps and all ancillary systems. Our turnkey services include engineering design (software and hardware), project management, instrumentation, control panel fabrication, site I&E, commissioning and startup, training and all aftermarket services.