Plant operators shouldn’t have to continually monitor or adjust their compression system to maintain optimum air mass flowrates. If a plant’s compression and surge control system is antiquated, it can cause delays in operation times, ultimately resulting in potential lost net gains. Both axial and centrifugal compressors are susceptible to surges, which occur when stalls, or small changes to airflow, escalate and cause instability that completely disrupts the airflow in the compressor. These surges can cause stress to compressor parts such as seals, bearings, and drivers, which can lead to extensive damage when unmitigated. This is where compressor controllers come into play. The EM-400 Stand-Alone Compressor Control from Petrotech can replace antiquated control systems with an easy-to-use control system that can be applied across different markets.

What Makes Petrotech’s EM-400 Superior to Other Compressor Controllers?

As one of Petrotech’s premier stand-alone products, the EM-400 Multi-Body Anti-Surge Compressor Controller provides advanced surge protection for up to three compressors using proven algorithms. With multi-compressors, there can be unnecessary recycling that can occur when compressors tend to surge at low rates. The EM-400 eliminates this unnecessary recycling by defining the surge point over a wide range of process gas conditions, resulting in optimum surge protection. Also, with over 45 touch-screen displays, the full-color interface is both user-friendly and password-protected. Specialized features include information on tuning suggestions, alarm statuses, and our exclusive live compressor performance map, allowing operators to closely monitor the compressor controller’s functions and settings. The EM-400 requires no additional hardware for installation, and its slim body makes it perfect for rack mounting.

How Petrotech’s Proven Algorithm Can Benefit Users

Petrotech’s proven surge control algorithm makes the EM-400 stand out among multi-body anti-surge compressor controllers. With over 40 years of experience in providing compressor control systems for thousands of applications, we’ve been able to configure our software to adapt and automatically compensate for changes in molecular weight, temperature, compressibility, pressure, and compressor rotor speed. There are several industries within the energy supply line that use centrifugal and axial compressors for the transportation of pressurized gases and liquids. From electricity production to processing, all can benefit from the accurate monitoring performed by the EM-400. And while the EM-400 provides standard features found in most standalone surge controllers, such as Load Sharing, Pressure Ratio, Fallback Strategies, and Adaptive Gain, it also offers more uniques features, including but not limited to the following:

  • Live Compressor Map
  • Recycle Transfer Control (RTC)
  • Capacity Control
  • Up to Three Recycle Loops in a Single System
  • Secondary Surge Controller
  • Pressure Override Control
  • Backstop Control
  • Built-in Color Touch Screen HMI Display
  • Built-in Sequence of Events Logging/ Display

How Petrotech Helped One Customer With a Compressor and Surge Control Problem

We were able to help one refinery that was operating with antiquated anti-surge and capacity controls. By developing a Triple-Modular Redundant (TMR) control system for this refinery’s multi-compression system, we were able to help the refinery decrease their operating costs and streamline their system. Learn more about this customer success story.

At Petrotech, we’ve been serving the energy supply line with reliable systems for over 40 years. Our goal is to help your production run safer and operate smarter. If you’re in the market for a compressor controller, the EM-400 Multi-Body Anti-Surge Compressor Controller is the complete solution. Contact us online or call us at +1(504) 620-6600 to request a quote.