At Petrotech, we believe in customer-centered service, which is why we design control systems tailored to fit each customer’s application, delivering our products based on your requirements on-site. Instead of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who may require Long Term Service Agreements (LTSAs) to provide immediate service, we’re able to provide 24/7 aftermarket phone support on demand to make sure our customers’ turbomachinery control systems and all ancillary systems are operating properly and efficiently. We were able to do just that recently with a Midwest municipality.

The Problem

This June, one of our long-time Municipal Power customers lost connection to the nation’s power grid. They were put into a situation in which they had to run a 25MW gas turbine driven generator of their own (and with our control system) in order to keep the lights on in the city. This GE gas turbine was installed in the 1970s with GE controls. We had updated the controls to a Petrotech system in 1996, and again in 2015. They had not run the gas turbine in island mode in many years and needed support on how to synchronize back to the grid when their connection was restored.

The Solution

Our team responded right away to help them. We directed them to modulate the speed setpoint from either the pistol grip switch on the panel door or from the HMI/SCADA to manually synchronize the unit back to the grid. Once they closed the breaker, we instructed them to switch the control mode back to their normal Droop setting. Albeit a very simple solution, their access to Petrotech engineering resources gave them the peace of mind that they could reconnect to the grid without interrupting power to their customers. After they were back to normal operation, the municipality sent us an update, saying: “Everything went as planned. The combustion turbine saved the day. We haven’t actually relied on it during an emergency in many years, but it came through for us.”

The Importance of a Reliable, Flexible Control System Company During an Emergency

When systems break down for businesses in the power production industry, there are not just consequences for the company itself or its shareholders bottom dollar; there are also dire consequences for the citizens that require their services. A mass power outage in the middle of summer can be detrimental to those in nursing homes or young children and infants. By working with Petrotech, this municipality was able to keep their customers safe and comfortable.

Aftermarket Support, No Matter When Your Control System Was Installed

No matter how much time has passed since an installation or retrofit of a turbomachinery control system, we provide assistance and aftermarket support to make sure your system keeps working.

Since we use non-proprietary control hardware, the power is back in the hands of our customers to manage spares and repairs without an obligation to purchase from a single source. This comes with a full range of performance configurations, from simple simplex configuration to high-available/high-reliable Triple Modular Redundancy. To see a full list of our available applications, including control systems for gas & steam turbines like the one used by this municipality, visit our literature library.

All of our turnkey solutions are administered under the Petrotech ISO 9001-2015 Quality Assurance program, and it includes a custom control system as well as all installation related items. After installation, we tailor training programs for our clients’ requirements, and we are always available for field service and troubleshooting needs. Our technical support provides 24/7 support and expertise in turbomachinery, general plant automation, and design.

Work With a Reliable Team of Turbomachinery Control System Experts

No matter what the application, Petrotech helps power companies run safe and efficient operations while increasing revenue. We’re proud of the relationships we have built over the past 40 years with our customers. If you’d like to work with a team of engineers and field service support staff who will not only improve your system but also make sure it delivers when you need it to for years to come, then Request a Quote with us today.