Hydro-Electric Turbine Control Systems

Hydro-Electric Turbine Generator Drive

Overspeed Protection and Critical Speed Avoidance

The Petrotech integrated Hydro-Electric turbine control system provides cost-effective complete or partial control system retrofits for Hydro-Electric turbine driven generator packages. The control system provides replacement controls for outdated electro-hydraulic and analog electronic controls.

The control system can include turbine and generator sequencing, complete turbine control, load control, DCS interface, and a graphic operator interface for system status, trending, and data logging.

The control package for the Hydro-Electric turbine provides overspeed protection and critical speed avoidance.

A coordinated control strategy for run-of-river hydro-turbine operations requires core components such as:

  • Start-Up Demand Control
  • Head-Water Process Controller
  • Head-Water Anticipation Control
  • Capacity Demand Management
  • Unit Governor Demand Control

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