Process Control Systems

Necessary Redundancy and Safety Integrity

Petrotech has the Control System Solution for all of Your Process Requirements.

Our scalable process control systems are designed to meet the unique requirements of critical process equipment such as:

  • FCCU Air Blowers
  • Wet Gas Compressors
  • Propylene, Ethylene and many other Process Compressors

Customer Success Story : FCCU Blowers Control Upgrade

Petrotech Provided

  • Triple-Modular Redundant (TMR) control system.
  • Engineered design and definition of an optimal capacity and loadshare control strategy for the multi-compressor system.
  • Control strategy included current override controllers for each unit and the automated flexibility to bring the portable blower online when conditions dictate.
  • Software development and testing.
  • Turnkey field installation and commissioning.

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