Custom Turbomachinery Control Solutions

From Complete Control Rooms to Pigging Systems and More

Control Rooms / Operator Cabins
Petrotech can design, build and supply complete control rooms. These are of particular benefit on small sites, where all of the control and administration can be housed in a single building.

Various construction methods can be employed to suit the site conditions, ranging from cold or temperate regions through to tropical regions. The control rooms can be partitioned to include offices, showers etc. as well as control panel areas.

The rooms are generally supplied fully wired internally so that the site connections are minimized. Lighting (both internal and external) can be accommodated as well as heating/air-conditioning and convenience outlets.

Examples of controls rooms/housing supplied include:

  • Control room for gas compression station, Nigeria including MCC, 3 generator panels, supervisory panel, UPS, air-conditioning and office area.
  • Control room for onshore oil production site in the UK including MCC, ESD system, UPS, air-conditioning, toilet/shower and kitchen.
  • Water treatment analyzer house for Saudi Arabia including analyzer equipment and air-conditioning. (maximum temperature variation 1 deg. C)
  • Control Room for Decoker System in Turkey, ATEX Zone2 installation complete with HVAC and auxiliary power distribution boards.

Petrotech Markets: Oil & Gas Production, Pipeline & Gas Processing, Petrochemical & Refining, Power Generation, Marine, Show & Ride, Industrial Automation

Conveyor Control Systems
Petrotech can provide a full turnkey solutions for your conveyor control system needs. From designing and fabricating control panels to software and electrical engineering, Petrotech can optimize your process operations.

The systems will be designed incorporating the latest safety features and optimization of the production line, with variable speed control and SCADA interfacing, whether this is for packaging lines or flour mills.

Petrotech Market: Industrial Automation

ESD Safety Shutdown / Fire & Gas Monitoring Systems
Petrotech’s experience covers the full spectrum of safety shutdown systems based on:

  • Pneumatic and/or electromechanical devices
  • Solid state combined with electromechanical devices
  • Fail safe high integrity solid state electronic systems
  • Programmable logic controllers combined with conventional proven electromechanical or solid state devices.

Shutdown system experience with the following brands:

  • Honeywell
  • Yokogawa (GTI)
  • HIMA
  • Siemens
  • Triconex
  • Allen-Bradley
  • Pepperl & Fuchs

Petrotech Markets: Oil & Gas Production, Pipeline & Gas Processing, Petrochemical & Refining, Power Generation, Marine, Industrial Automation

Fire Pump Controllers
Petrotech’s fire pump control systems are designed to the requirements of NFPA 20, yet also include specific application requirements for pneumatic, battery backup and electrical full function control.

Petrotech Markets: Oil & Gas Production, Marine

Heater & Burner Control Systems
Petrotech’s Heater & Burner Controls Systems range from local manually-operated to full automatic sequence controls with SCADA interface.

Petrotech Markets: Petrochemical & Refining, Industrial Automation

Interposing Relay Panels
Petrotech’s Interposing Relay Panels place a barrier between circuits and electrically isolate the different signals. Whether you need simple relay termination cabinets with ELCO type plug/socket arrangements or SIL rated interfacing with multicore splitters, Petrotech has the expertise you need.

Petrotech Markets: Petrochemical & Refining, Industrial Automation

Machine Monitoring Control Systems
Petrotech’s Machine Monitoring Control Systems are custom designed and built to safeguard your production machinery, while ensuring proper function, reducing downtime and repair and maintenance costs.

The systems can be mounted in safe or hazardous area locations, local or remote to your machines with interfacing to your PLC and plant DCS. The systems can be manufactured with different levels of redundancy and fault tolerant design features to meet the demanding industry standards such as API-670 and API-618.

Petrotech Markets: Oil & Gas Production, Pipeline & Gas Processing, Petrochemical & Refining, Power Generation, Marine, Industrial Automation

MIMIC Panels
Petrotech designs and fabricates MIMIC Panel types such as mosaic, engraved or painted.

Petrotech Markets: Oil & Gas Production, Pipeline & Gas Processing, Petrochemical & Refining, Power Generation, Marine, Show & Ride, Industrial Automation

Pigging Control Systems
Petrotech offers safe Pigging Control System Solutions for varied applications and in differing environments, such as:

  • Single Sphere / Pig Launcher and Receivers
  • Multiple Sphere / Pig Launcher and Receivers
  • Horizontal and Vertical Traps Controls
  • Offshore / Sub-sea / Onshore Control Systems

Petrotech’s Pigging Control System Solution capabilities include:

  • Control System Design
  • Manual Flap or Pin Control
  • Semi or Fully Automatic Control
  • Single or Multi-Launch/Receive Capabilities
  • SIL Integrated Systems (IEC 61508/61511)
  • Aftermarket Support
  • Site surveys
  • On-site commissioning
  • Spare parts
  • Upgrades

Petrotech Market: Pipeline & Gas Processing.

Pneumatic Control Systems have been used since the early 1900’s for various control related functions within the Petrochemical Industry. The inherent advantages that made them popular from the start still have a benefit today in certain applications.

Petrotech UK (formerly Amot Systems division) introduced the world’s first indicating relay in the early 1950’s and it has become a benchmark since then in Petrochemical alarm, control and shutdown systems.

The advantages of Pneumatic controls in certain Petrochemical situations are inherent safety in hazardous areas, rugged construction and ease of maintenance and repair with basic tools and knowledge.

Despite all the sophistication available with modern PLC based control and alarm systems. There is still a need in certain applications for a basic, reliable, rugged and easily maintained control system.

Pneumatic Control panels are manufactured using a variety of materials to suit the intended application.

  • Cabinet: Stainless Steel, Mild Steel Painted, GRP, Polyester etc.
  • Tubing: Stainless Steel, Copper, Steel, and Nylon in both metric and imperial sizes
  • Valves: Stainless steel, Brass, Aluminum, Corrosion Protected (gulfproof)

Petrotech Markets: Oil & Gas Production, Pipeline & Gas Processing, Petrochemical & Refining, Power Generation, Marine, Industrial Automation

Power Management Systems
Petrotech’s Power Management Systems ensure an even and reliable energy supply for your plant’s rotating machinery. Our control systems keep energy costs down and improve safety in the workplace.

We can provide full, dual redundant systems with UPS backup supplies and advanced SCADA controls, black-start, synchronization, loadshare and breaker protection, giving you full automatic and manual control facilities of your power plant.

Petrotech Markets: Power Generation, Marine

Rolling Road Control Systems
Petrotech’s Rolling Road Control Systems are designed using advanced SCADA software that integrates data for your evaluation.

Complete integrated system of monitoring and dynamic control of the throttle, clutch, gear shift, blowers, brakes exhaust etc. of your test vehicles.

Petrotech Market: Industrial Automation

Separator & Scrubber Control Systems
Petrotech’s Separator & Scrubber Control Systems are designed to meet your plants’ specifications, improve performance, protect downstream equipment and meet your processing needs in collecting and separating particulate matter and/or gaseous pollutants.

Petrotech Markets: Pipeline & Gas Processing, Petrochemical & Refining, Industrial Automation

Valve Sequencing Systems
Petrotech’s Valve Sequencing Systems for automatic pressure controlled or manually controlled sequence valves, provide a custom designed system to control your operations.

The sequencing logic can be provided within the locally mounted systems or in a remote DCS, in either safe or hazardous area, designed and manufactured to meet the highest demanding international standards.

Petrotech Markets: Pipeline & Gas Processing, Petrochemical & Refining, Marine


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