Upgrading Control Systems

Maximize the Remaining Lifetime of a Control System

PLC Controller Upgrade

The Petrotech approach is to maximize the remaining lifetime use of the installed control systems with minimal cost and downtime, while at the same time preparing the system for future upgrades. The Petrotech solution can replace just the processor module. The existing PLC controller program, including both the Petrotech anti-surge control (ASC) and turbine fuel regulator (TFR) control is ported into a current technology PLC processor then a dedicated link is established to the existing system.

These upgrades are provided for all legacy systems such as:

Auxiliary Systems

Petrotech Solutions encompass more than just control systems. We also provide upgrades for turbine support systems such as fuel and hydraulic assemblies. As part of a gas turbine compressor controls upgrade, it is generally necessary to replace older auxiliary systems to interface to the new controls. Petrotech can modify or retrofit fuel valve systems, hydraulic systems, speed sensing elements, thermocouples, flame detectors, compressor recycle valves, pressure switches, and transmitters.

The following auxiliary systems and components are examples of assemblies Petrotech has supplied along with complete or partial system upgrades:

  • Fuel Control Valve Systems
  • Inlet Guide Vane Control
  • Interstage Nozzle Control
  • Dual Fuel Conversion
  • Water or Steam Injection Systems
  • Speed Probe and Exciter Gear Assemblies
  • Flame Detectors for Combustion Chambers
  • Recycle Control Valves

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